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A collection of art and writing by transgender cancer patients

– Edited By: Charlie Manzano & Roman Ruddick

-Art By: Van Binfa

Fill In The Blank


A mini zine about being a transgender man and a cancer patient

– By: Charlie Manzano

Sharks Get Cancer


A mini zine about the experience of being diagnosed with cancer as a young adult

– By: Roman Ruddick


A Pocket Guide To The Gender Neutral Patient


A mini guide for healthcare providers to confidently care for non-binary patients

– By: Roman Ruddick   

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                         Transpire (preview)                           

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A collaborative, submission based zine, highlighting the experiences of transgender cancer patients  

 (This is a small preview of the full version that will be finished August 30th, 2019!)


        How To Talk To Me


A guide for talking to cancer patients in your life

– By: Charlie Manzano

  Now What?


A personal experience of being transgender with ovarian cancer

– By: Roman Ruddick

Facial Disfigurement and My Cancer Experience


A personal experience of having a cancer related facial disfigurement as a young person

– By: Charlie Manzano






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