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We are two full-time working college students, and this project is completely out of pocket and donation based. If you are able, or wanting any zines for your medical practice or organization, donations are humbly appreciated! Funds go primarily to help cover the cost of zine production, anything else goes to running our website and helping us travel to zine fests and to present workshops. 



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It’s extremely important to us to keep our work and tools free for those that need them. We currently have most of our zines available to read here on our website, but please reach out to us if we can make something more easily accessible to you!

*CURRENTLY WORKING ON OUR NEW SHOP! If you would like any hard/folded copies of zines that are not listed there yet- or reading our zines online, pricing, or a payment option is not accessible to you- please do not hesitate to reach out by contacting us here!.







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