We met online in 2017, as two young transgender cancer patients both in search of community and resources. Just under a year later we started this project together, in an effort to create the resources and build the community we were looking for. Now, in 2019 we are both based out of California, and happy to see this project steadily growing. Through our combined experiences and connecting with others, we’ve learned that marginalized people have a lot of expectations put on them to present and speak about their experiences in a specific way. As transgender cancer patients, we think it is important to break that down, and show that there are more to these intersections than society may expect. So, the main hope for this project is to provide that support and community for fellow transgender cancer patients. However, we would additionally like this to be a source of education, to provoke better care and inclusivity in medical spaces, and to help destigmatize patient experiences. Our current goal is to make our zines accessible for free online, as well as in physical formats to be sold. All funds will be used to offset the cost of running this website, production of the zines; and aid in travel costs to zine fests and healthcare events where we share our work and present workshops. This project and your support are extremely important to us! You can help by reading, sharing, and buying our zines, sharing resources, donating, and continuing these conversations with people in your lives. Thank you so much! And never hesitate to reach out.

~Charlie & Roman

[Cover photo from Oakland Pride 2019, thanks to Katherine Elyse Photography!!]

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